ANNE O’NEILL - Author Bio

Anne O’Neill is a native of So. Pasadena, California and now resides in a small coastal town in Oregon. She claims the storms rolling in from the sea are an inspiration for her writing. Her pen is never quiet, writing poetry, short stories and fiction based on experience. Her first love was teaching, however, and at 19 she entered a teaching order of nuns in the Midwest. She remained in the convent for 20 years until conflict over her vocation and disabling illness changed the course of her life. She fell in love and married Laban Strite (Joseph), her psychologist, and that became the heart of the book, Benedictus.

O’Neill holds a B.A. in English Literature and M.A. in Education from the University of La Verne, Ca. She was a teacher and administrator in private and pubic education and worked for the State of Nevada in a behavioral modification program for abused children. Writing called to her over the years and she took advantage of an opportunity to be a script writer in Hollywood. While working on documentaries, O’Neill’s dream was one day to write her own story, wanting to give back what had been given to her. She believes it holds universal themes and would be helpful to others.

Laban and Anne were married for 40 years until his death in 2011. They shared many interests and professional involvements, working together in wellness and educational workshops. Under the renowned Dr. Alberto Villoldo, they pursued the study of energy medicine, acquiring certification in the practices of this healing modality.

Activities that gave her joy through the years were golf, cross-country skiing, painting, beachcombing – and always writing. Simply being with friends important to her is a high priority. She continues to welcome each day as an opportunity to create new life and says it is just the beginning.

Note: Anne O’Neill is the pen name (maiden name) for Anne Strite.